Become a certified institute

Aestheticians; an essential part of all our solutions.

At Laboratoire Dr Renaud, we know that no two skins are alike…so, only a personalized solution will fulfill every skin's needs. However, the great variety of choices offered in the present market only makes it harder for the regular consumer.

That's why we firmly believe that the only person able to give the right answer is the aesthetician. The aesthetician was always at the heart of our solutions. Her specialized expertise and knowledge make her the best trained professional to recommend what's best in terms of skin treatments.

Laboratoire Dr Renaud makes sure to provide its aestheticians with a wide selection of performing treatments and products that allow them to answer all of their clientele's needs and expectations. Each of our treatments is subjected to our Scientific Team's rigorous standards to ensure that only the best active ingredients are used, so as to offer the most outstanding results.

Becoming a Certified Institute goes beyond the products, it means being taken care of by a team of professional and passionate individuals eager to guide and support you:

  • Qualified Customer Service
  • Account Managers who are accessible and attentive
  • High-calibre training programmes
  • Distinctive and proven marketing tools
  • An unbeatable price/quality ratio

In order to become a Certified Institute, please contact our Customer Service who will make sure to appoint you one of our Account Managers.

Customer Service:
Montreal and surroundings, please call 450 688-8241 or,
outside please call 1 800 361-0352.