Our philosophy

Laboratoire Dr Renaud skin care product line unites dermatology and aesthetics.

Our company

Renowned for its capacity to offer innovative skin care, Laboratoire Dr Renaud has been a leader in cosmetology for more than sixty years.

Manufacturing all its products in Canada for more than 50 years, Laboratoire Dr Renaud relies on Research and Innovation to remain in the forefront of the industry with the highest performing products.

Our commitment to you

For each of our products, we follow stringent, scientifically-sound formulating principles:

  • Refusal to use several ingredients such as parabens, synthetic perfumes and colorants, mineral oil, alcohol, formaldehyde
  • Reduced concentrations of preservatives
  • Strict selection of ingredients
  • Products not tested on animals
  • Results tested by clinical studies conducted under dermatological supervision and by independent laboratories

Also, our production unit is certified as a pharmaceutical environment by Health Canada. Each batch is manufactured according to rigorous standards to guarantee absolute quality.

Deeply into skin science

In 1947 Dr Louis Raymond Renaud, a renowned dermatologist and founder of aesthetics in France and Europe, creates Laboratoire Dr Renaud.

Dr Renaud

In the early 60’s, Laboratoire Dr Renaud becomes a privately owned company in Canada. At the end of the 70’s, its market is extended throughout the United States and gains international fame a few years later.

In December 2009, Valeant Pharmaceuticals purchased Laboratoire Dr Renaud and in 2012, they officially establish this Company as its Center of excellence in R&D and Manufacturing in cosmeceuticals and dermatology in North America.

Thanks to its scientific approach, the brand is a leader in the world of beauty. Driven by its passion and constant quest for innovation, its Research & Development team is totally dedicated to the advance study of the skin. The success of the company lies on years of research and close collaboration with University Scientists and Experts in dermopharmacology.

To this day, Dr Renaud’s spirit of innovation and the respect his name evokes continue to inspire us and set us apart from the competition. The Laboratoire Dr Renaud brand stands out even more now that consumers are seeking products with a seal of medical credibility.

Our values

From the beginning, the Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s mission has been to create the best skin care ever for your skin. Our commitment beyond this mission is to place the best of science and nature at the service of your beauty.


Always on the lookout for the latest and the best of science and nature, we strive to provide you with the greatest skin care products ever.

Team work

Because we don’t all progress at the same pace, we believe in the power of synergy of ideas and expertise within our team, as well as in our relations with our clients and suppliers.

Going beyond

Never fully satisfied, we are constantly seeking to improve our products – to outdo and reinvent ourselves and are always willing to go the extra mile to achieve this.

Our capacity for innovation didn’t come about by chance. It is the result of both our unwavering passion and determination.