SeboBalance 24H Anti-Ageing Fluid

SeboBalance 24H Anti-Ageing Fluid

A refreshing, non-oily, velvety emulgel that answers the specific needs of oily skin, from

the first signs of ageing. Its highly-innovative formulation combines anti-ageing, mattifying and ultra-moisturizing properties for a healthier texture and younger-looking skin. May be used in the day and-or at night, with or without make-up.

From the first applications, it:

  • fades wrinkles and fine lines

  • relaxes features

  • defines facial contours

  • mattifies the skin

  • and allows it to recover hydration, softness, well-being and radiance
Directions for use

In the morning and-or at night, after a thorough cleansing of the skin, apply a small quantity of the SeboBalance 24H Anti-Ageing Fluid to the face and the neck. Massage in evenly with light effleurages. Proceed to make-up if desired.

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