Rosa-C3 Anti-redness, Soothing

Rosa-C3 Anti-redness, Soothing

Indicated for all, men and women with sensitive skin, prone to redness and presenting apparent microcirculation. 100% of the people who received a cure with this Professional Treatment observed visible results from the very first treatment at the Institute*.

  • significant reduction of redness

  • relief of discomfort and tightness

  • decrease in irritation and sensations of warmth

  • immediate overall comfort

*An objective clinical study was conducted by an independent laboratory.
Treatment duration: 60 minutes.
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  • AFTER 28 days of use*
    AFTER 28 days of use*

A 1-hour professional treatment specially developed for allowing skin to recover well-being and calm. From the very 1st treatment, diffuse redness is reduced and the complexion is even-toned.Thanks to the targeted action of the exclusive Cell Control Complex, stinging sensations and discomfort disappear, reactivity is reduced and the skin is better armed for fighting environmental aggressions.

Photos used in this document are courtesy of Lipotec.